What Is The Best Air Source Heat Pump?

Best air source heat pumps

Are you in the market for a heat pump and wondering what the best option is? In truth, there really isn’t a proper answer to this, only to say that the best air source heat pump is the one that is most suitable for your own requirements.  Air source heat pumps contain different heat pump […]

NIBE Heat Pump Review

Nibe heat pump

NIBE Heat Pumps In Brief: NIBE launched their very first air source heat pump in the 1980s, however it was highly criticised. Most negative remarks were made relating to the size of the system, and that it took up too much room inside residential properties. The systems that NIBE have launched following their initial endeavour […]

Hitachi Heat Pumps Review

Hitachi Heat Pump

Hitachi Heat Pump In Brief: One of the biggest sectors of Hitachi’s product offering relates to its vast array of heating and air conditioning systems. Combining their long history producing these types of products with the industry’s demand for greater electrification and more ‘green’ products, Hitachi diversified into the production of heat pumps. Hitachi Company […]

Viessmann Heat Pump Review

Viessmann Heat Pump

Viessmann Heat Pumps In Brief: Viessmann launched their first air source heat pump in 1978 as part of their continued efforts to help with the ongoing energy crisis that was evident at the time. The German company has only gone on to further their efforts as the world endeavours to become more environmentally friendly in […]

Samsung Heat Pump Review

Samsung logo

Samsung In Brief: A well-known big-name brand, Samsung rather unbelievably started as a grocery store in South Korea in 1938 and has expanded to become a giant in home appliances. Its product range covers a huge number of industries from shipbuilding to home heating and cooling.  EHS air source heat pumps can be mated with […]

Worcester Bosch Heat Pump Review

Worcester Bosch Logo

Worcester Bosch In Brief: Bosch is a globally renowned company which has a wide range of products, including heating, air-conditioning and household appliances. It is particularly notable for its power tools, which are considered among the best by building professionals. Worcester was a British company, making advanced boilers and other heating appliances that merged with […]

Panasonic Heat Pump Review

Panasonic logo

Panasonic Heat Pumps In Brief: Panasonic has taken a different approach to designing heat pumps for residential buildings with its Aquarea models. It has specially created two ranges: one for newly built homes: the K Series, and a different type for renovations and retrofits in existing buildings: the L Series. Both types are based on […]

Vaillant Heat Pump Review

vaillant logo

Vaillant Heat Pumps In Brief: Vaillant are a well-known European heating brand. Many UK customers use Vaillant boilers but they have branched-out to be a major supplier of heat pumps. They have a significant slice of the British market and are a reliable company so certainly can be on the list for potential heat pump […]

Mitsubishi Heat Pump Review

mitsubishi logo

Mitsubishi can only be described as a legendary technology company. Started in the 1870s it has built everything from locomotives, to fighter aircraft, to all kinds of domestic appliances. Its award-winning Ecodan range is specially-designed to match the British climate, according to the company. It supplies heat pumps to both residential and commercial customers. There […]

Daikin Heat Pumps Review

Daikin logo

Daikin Heat Pump In Brief: Daikin are a world-renowned manufacturer of air-conditioning systems. They have a long-established heat pump product line, which includes domestic air source units. Their wall-mounted and floor-standing heat pumps display a distinctive and stylish aesthetic. These are a good mainstream product, although more expensive than some brands. The Altherma range is […]