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This is a Government-Backed Scheme. Find out more on GOV.UK

Can you get an air source heat pump grant for business?

Even though there aren’t currently any business grants available to cover the cost of heat pumps for businesses, you may still be able to cut your tax bill through the government’s super-deduction on capital allowance. You can also check the Ofgem website for any grants or schemes available for business energy efficiency.

Is it worth getting a commercial air source heat pump?

Despite having a high up-front cost, heat pumps are roughly four or five times more efficient than gas boilers. For example, if an old gas boiler has an efficiency rating of around 60%, a new boiler will see an increase up to 92%, but even this cannot match the 400% efficiency rating offered by air source heat pumps.

If you’re questioning how a heat pump can be more than 100% efficient, it is because they transfer heat instead of generating it. So, the efficiency when it comes to heat output is greater than 100%. This means fitting a pump will help save your business money in the long term by reducing your energy bills. Paying less on your business’ energy bills is more important now than ever given the current energy crisis.

How does a commercial air source heat pump work?

A commercial air source heat pump operates by transferring heat from the air into a fluid. The fluid then moves through a heat exchanger to warm up hot water cylinders for taps and showers, as well as radiators and other heating systems.

What are the benefits of an air source heat pump to businesses?

There are several benefits to businesses installing air source heat pumps including:

Heat pumps are more environmentally friendly as they produce less CO2. So, by installing an air source pump you can do your part to fight climate change and be more energy-efficient and boost the positive reputation of your business amongst existing and potential clients.

Instead of burning fossil fuels and having your energy bills pushed up by the price of business gas, you will only pay for the electricity you use to run the system, saving you a significant amount of money annually.

Heat pumps are much less expensive to maintain than gas boilers, meaning you can also save money on service and maintenance costs. Air source heat pumps also have a longer lifespan than gas boilers. You can also save on the initial costs with a heat pump grant for your business

In contrast to gas boilers which can only be used to provide heat to buildings and water, heat pumps can be switched to a cooling system in hotter summer weather.

Heat pumps don’t depend on gas to operate, which means there is no risk of a carbon monoxide leak at your premises.

How much does it cost to install a commercial air source heat pump?

The exact cost of your heat pump will be influenced by the property you work from. Air source heat pump installation costs will depend on how large a unit and how many you need. Typical costs including installation could range from around £6,000 to £18,000. Although this is considerably cheaper than other types of heat pumps, the price you will pay depends on whether you will need a monobloc system that sits outside of your building or a split system that has a unit inside and outside. 

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Why an air source heat pump?

Why choose air source over a traditional boiler?

gas boiler

Traditional boilers are dependent on gas which is rapidly increasing in cost, making them a more costly option to run.

outdoor heat pump

Heat pumps are a highly efficient, much greener alternative to other forms of heating like gas boilers.

Low maintenance & Servicing Costs

If regularly serviced and maintained
Due to fewer parts than typical gas, oiler and LPG boilers
Ensures year-round operation
Typical length of warranties provided

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