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Make the switch to a heat pump system and save £££s

Why Now Is The Right Time For A Heat Pump in Scotland

Both ground source and air source heat pumps are highly efficient ways to heat your home, especially if you are using them to replace an old inefficient gas boiler. With energy prices stretching Scottish household budgets to the limit, finding ways to add energy efficiency measures and lower monthly expenditure when heating the home have become increasingly important. This is why the time to switch to a heat pump is now.

Heat pumps transfer heat from outside air or the ground to heat your home via radiator or underfloor heating. They can also heat water stored in a hot water cylinder for use in the home, giving households a viable alternative to traditional ways of generating heat and hot water.

How does a heat pump work?

Air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps function in a similar way, the main difference being where they draw their heat from in the first place. Both transfer heat rather than generating it. Here is a breakdown of how it works:

  • Heat from the air outside (air source heat) or the ground (ground source heat) is drawn in and blown over a network of tubes that are filled with refrigerant. This will warm up the refrigerant and it will change from liquid form into a gas.

  • This gas then goes through a compressor which increases the pressure. Compression will also add more heat.

  • The compressed, hot gases pass into a heat exchanger, with cool air or water surrounding it. The refrigerant moves its heat to the cool air or water, making it warm.

  • This is then circulated around the home, providing heat and hot water. Whilst this happens the refrigerant condenses back into a cool liquid and the cycle will start all over again.

How Much Could A Heat Pump Save Me?

While heat pump installation requires a significant initial outlay, they are a renewable system that returns big savings which will add up over time and eventually cover the cost of your investment.

Potential annual savings in Scotland (based on an average sized, three-bedroom detached home, with radiator upgrades as required) are as follows: 

Existing system

Annual savings by switching to air source heat pump

Annual savings by switching to ground source heat pump

Old G-rated gas boiler



New A-rated gas boiler



Old electric storage heater



New electric storage heater



Old G- rated oil boiler



New A-rated oil boiler



Old G-rated LPG boiler



New A-rated LPG boiler



Source Energy Saving Trust: Figures are based on fuel prices as of June 2023. Savings in Scotland will vary depending on the size of your home, any heating system upgrade and fuel type being replaced. You can expect the savings to range between old and new, depending on the age of your current heating system.

air source heat pump grant scotland

How can Heat Pumps UK help you?

Heat Pumps UK can help you make the move to adopting heat pump technology by introducing you to a trusted local heat pump installer who can help assess your suitability for a heat pump and arrange installation.

Here’s how it works…

  • Provide a few basic details online
  • A recommended installer will contact you to book a home survey
  • Free Home Assessment carried out to determine best suited heat pump product
  • Your heat pump is installed and commissioned
  • Enjoy cheaper greener energy

Why Heat Pumps Are The Way Forward

More and more households in Scotland are looking for alternative ways of heating their homes and heat pumps are a great option for many, if they have the space to accommodate them.

There are plenty of benefits for households in Scotland of adopting heat pump technology including…

  • Can provide heat for central heating and hot water
  • Avoids the escalating costs of heating your home
  • Leads to significant reduction in household carbon footprint
  • Won’t produce any carbon if used with a renewable tariff (or combined with a solar array)
  • For every unit kW of electricity it uses to extract heat, it typically outputs 3-4 times more as heat
  • Return on investment can in some instances take as little as five years

Enquire today

Contact us today to find out air source heat pumps and whether they are a suitable option for your home. Heat Pumps UK will introduce you to an expert Scotland heat pump installer who will help ascertain which heat pump system is best for you and what options are available. They can also discuss potential heat pump grants in Scotland that are available. 

Through our help, you’ll be on the way to saving money, boosting your home’s energy efficiency, and reducing your carbon footprint. Make the first step on the road to a greener future and find out what a heat pump system could do to boost your energy efficiency and revolutionise how you heat your home in Scotland.

Heat Pumps Scotland Benefits

Why choose a heat pump over a traditional gas boiler?
gas boiler
Traditional home boilers are dependent on gas which in recent times has been rapidly increasing in cost, making them a costly option to run.
outdoor heat pump

Heat pumps are a highly efficient, much greener alternative to other forms of heating like gas boilers.

Low maintenance & Servicing Costs

If regularly serviced and maintained
Due to fewer parts than typical gas, oiler and LPG boilers
Ensures year-round operation
Typical length of warranties provided

Heat Pump Scotland FAQs

Heat pump cost will vary according to the type of heat pump chosen plus the make, model and heat output required. Some units, for example, may not require a separate hot water cylinder as they have their own integrated water tank, and this can impact on price. In general there isn’t a great deal of difference in the costs of heat pumps, whether air source heat pump or ground source heat pump, the difference comes with the cost of installation.

Air source heat pumps are relatively easy to install and usually are completed in 1-2 day. As a ballpark figure, you should probably expect to pay around £8,000 – £15,000 for an air source heat pump. Ground source heat pump installation is far more complex and requires significant groundwork to install the required pipework and this can take several weeks to install. Costs are likely to be well in excess of £15,000, making them the much more expensive option.

Heat pumps work with an efficiency of between 300-500%. A typical air source heat pump operating at around 300% would produce 3kWh of heat for every 1kW of electricity it requires to extract it from the air. When the temperature falls in the colder months, this means the pump will have to work harder so will be less efficient.

Ground source heat pumps are more energy efficient so one operating at 400% efficiency would produce 4kWh of heat energy for every 1kW of electricity used. Due to more consistent ambient ground temperatures throughout the year, this means efficiencies are largely maintained throughout the year.

Heat pumps require very little in the way of maintenance. Very much like you would expect to have a gas boiler serviced annually, the same applies with heat pumps, where a regular service check will ensure that your system stays running smoothly. A properly installed and well-maintained heat pump should last around 20-25 years.
If you’re unsure which heat pump is the right option for your home in Scotland, then you should get in touch and we can advise you. We can arrange for a local installer to visit your property to assess suitability for a heat pump, advise you on the right type and model for your home and budget, plus give you an indication of costs and how much an heat pump might save you over the course of its life.

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