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How Do Solar Assisted Heat Pumps Work?

As with any heat pump, a solar assisted heat pump uses the air from outside to then compress and condense it to extract heat that can then be used in your home in some way. But there are two main differences between solar assisted heat pumps and regular air source heat pumps (which are their closest company in the heat pump world):

  • Air source heat pumps heat the home AND your home’s water – Solar assisted heat pumps heat only your home’s water 
  • And, the obvious one, a solar assisted heat pump is, well, solar assisted…


What Does Solar Assist Mean?

Solar assisted heat pumps basically make use of solar energy as well as the heat from the air around it to provide heat that will give you hot water in your home.

A solar assisted heat pump has a large evaporator panel on its exterior that essentially works as a mini solar panel, in that it absorbs the heat from solar energy to assist with the heating of the water in your home. In addition to the solar energy, a solar assisted heat pump will absorb heat from the air around it, as traditional air source heat pumps do.

All the heat that’s been collected is then absorbed into a fluid that passes through a heat exchanger into the heat pump, raising the temperature still further through compressing and condensing, before it then warms the water in your hot water cylinder. This water can then be used throughout your home. 

Are Solar Assisted Heat Pumps Right For Me? 

It’s a valid question. If you’re going to spend money installing solar assisted heat pumps for your home, then making sure it works for you and your home is vital. So, what are the things you need to think about to ensure you’re making the right decision?

Things To Consider

Additional Thoughts

Do you need heat for your home as well as your water?

Solar assisted heat pumps are only suitable for heating your water in a home, so if you don’t have a system in place to heat your home, you’ll need to consider that. If you need a heat pump to do both, then it’s a good idea to choose air source heat pumps instead.

Do you currently have hot water cylinders?

You’ll need a hot water cylinder to store the water with a solar assisted heat pump because it produces a constant, steady stream of hot water, but can’t produce hot water on demand like a boiler can. Some solar assisted heat pumps have a hot water cylinder built-in, but if yours doesn’t then you’ll need to find a cupboard indoors to store it in – preferably one that’s well insulated to keep the heat in when storing. 

Is your home suitable for the installation?

Making room for the heat pump will mean finding the right roof or wall space outside for it. And, since it’s solar assisted, it’ll need to be in a spot with plenty of sun for it to work as efficiently as possible. Whilst it still works in the shade, the more sun a solar assisted heat pump gets the better it will perform – so you’ll need to consider if you have a spot that would work at your property.

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Through our help, you’ll be on the way to saving money, boosting your business’s energy efficiency, and reducing your carbon footprint. Make the first step on the road to a greener future and find out what an air source heat pump system could do for your business.

Solar Assisted Heat Pump Price UK

Solar assisted heat pumps aren’t as expensive as their air source heat pump counterparts, mostly because they don’t do as much as air source heat pumps. Since they only heat the water in your home, they don’t have as many parts and they don’t take as long to install either, all of which helps bring costs down slightly. 

Whereas some air source heat pump installations can cost anything from £8,000 to £18,000, solar assisted heat pumps usually cost much less, at around £5,000 to £6,000 to install. 

It’s important to note that this is an estimate. Things like any of the below will all affect the final cost of installation: 

  • the model of your heat pump;
  • how many evaporator panels you need (some homes require 1 or 2, others require more if their hot water usage is higher than most);
  • whether a hot water cylinder is necessary or not;
  • additional pipework required for installation;
  • and the complexity of the installation (e.g. scaffolding is required, etc)

For a more accurate idea of how much a solar assisted heat pump installation could cost you, check with Heat Pumps UK today. We’ll put you in touch with local heat pump installers in your area, and you can compare their best deals to find an installer that’s perfect for you. Just fill out this quick form today to get started. 

How Much Can I Save Annually With A Solar Assisted Heat Pump?

You will almost certainly save money each year by heating your water with this type of heat pump vs another method. Energy Saving Trust have provided some estimates on just how much you’ll save each year based on your current method of heating water when you switch to solar assisted heat pumps instead. 

How much you’ll save depends on what you’re currently using to heat your water. Energy Saving Trust suggest savings of £205 per year if you’re currently using an electric immersion heater to heat your water, and £210 in savings if you replace an old, G-rated boiler with a solar assisted heat pump. Your saving might be significantly lower (at around £25 per year on your fuel bills if you currently use an A-rated, brand new oil boiler) but not many people would choose to shift from an A-rated appliance unless their savings are more substantial.

Exactly how much you’ll save each year on your fuel bills will be influenced by a number of factors, but it’s fair to say you can expect to see at least some savings annually. 

What Are The Benefits Of Installing A Solar Assisted Heat Pump?

Solar assisted heat pumps are:

  • Efficient and cost-effective, helping you save on your fuel bill each year. 
  • A greener way to heat water in your home, reducing carbon emissions. 
  • More energy efficient, helping increase your EPC rating if it’s low. 
  • Low maintenance.
  • Durable, with few moving parts. 
  • Capable of working day and night to provide hot water to your home.


Solar Assisted Heat Pump Summary

A solar assisted heat pump is capable of replacing water heating systems, and it’s sure to offer more energy bill savings, less energy consumption, and fewer carbon emissions than whatever you’re currently using to heat your water.

If you think a solar assisted heat pump might be right for you, then let Heat Pumps UK help you find the perfect local installer for you. It all works incredibly simply. You fill out a quick form to let us know a little about what you’re looking for and where you’re located, then we scour our database for the best local installers near you, before presenting you with a few options. You pick the best deal, and then you enjoy your new solar assisted heat pump. 

If you’re ready to get started, so are we. Work with Heat Pumps UK today for all your solar assisted heat pump needs. 

Solar Assisted Heat Pump FAQs

Not usually, no. Although it’s always best to check with your installer when we put you in touch with them to be sure. Typically, though, a solar assisted heat pump comes under ‘Permitted Development’. 

Estimates vary, but a solar assisted heat pump will usually only cost £80 to £100 per year to run in electricity costs.

Solar assisted heat pump systems use a combination of heat from the air and absorb heat from the sun to provide hot water. While solar thermal is also used for water heating, it solely uses thermal solar panels or solar collectors to harness the radiated energy from the sun to heat water for storage in a hot water cylinder.

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