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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, ECO grants are funded by large UK energy suppliers and don’t need to be repaid. You might still need to contribute some of the cost for your heat pump installation.

Air source heat pumps work well in various locations. They’re best suited for well-insulated homes with underfloor heating or large radiators. However, they can sometimes be installed in other types of properties as well.

In England and Scotland, you usually don’t need planning permission unless your building is listed or in a protected area (Conservation Area, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, National Park). Welsh homeowners do need planning permission. Always check with your local planning department if unsure.

The BUS is a UK government program offering grants for installing energy-efficient heating like heat pumps. You might be eligible for £7,500 towards an air source heat pump. Installers can apply on your behalf.

There are two main types:

  • Air-to-water: Provides hot water and heating through your radiators (most common in the UK).
  • Air-to-air: Heats the air in your home, but doesn’t provide hot water.

A well-maintained air source heat pump should last around 20 years, sometimes up to 25.

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